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Back to School Prayer
Hi I come to you as a servant of Christ, as you well know, The Lords Prayer has been taken out of school. That prayer power was protected by his Angels who's jobs are to see that his word does not return unto him void. Our schools are under attack with no defense. The enemy is very bold to go inside the school with military style weapons with large oversize bullets shooting our babies close up in front of their friends, leaving a mental scare for life to the children and the parents. My question is what are you going to do now that you know a wolf can get in the hen house when ever it what to with no protection, nothing to stop him. Do you really understand that prayer in school was the protection over the children. Really how can the brains we elect to help govern us be so ignorant. All the way to the supreme court. Did all the pastors, or religious leaders take off and turn their backs on the children. The lord has set a fire in my heart to delicate and write my next book Common Sense II ; Getting Prayer Back into School he moved on me at least a year ago so I am behind help me help the children in what ever way you are lead. Simply if we can get prayer in the school children then if they are in class problem solve because the pray will be inside of them if so they will have the knowledge and power to pray when needed. You see the enemy has spiritually knowledge and sight and will see that holy shield case close. Problem is how can the parents teach the children something they are unlearned about. There is a art to prayer and many different types for different reasons, It is the Lord's desire for you to be well knowledgable of how to communicate with him for all reasons. Prayer is a line of communication which he has given us that we know very little about but we must learn how to pray his word and teach others. Parents need to learn asap the art of pray so the children can be taught. How will they learn without a teacher.