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Marriage in God's Sight
In God’s Eye Sight
   This message is to Pastor’s or any one who performs marriages between a male and female. This message is for those who are planning to marry, those who are currently married, as well as those separated for irreconcilable differences and little or no real reason. These words are not my words but are scriptures taken from the word of God. I am sure they are all words you have heard before. It is my intension to share the revelation of marriage that the Lord shared with me. If you are able to get this revelation it will help you save souls as well as marriages.
    God showed me through the answer of his son, Jesus to the Pharisees when they tempted Jesus asking him, is it lawful for a man to put away his wife for every cause? Jesus’ answer assured me that in the eyes of God marriage is like birth and death you are allowed one physical and one spiritual. This message is only about the physically earthly marriage between male and female. With the exception of death of the spouse and saving for the cause of fornication, then what therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder. Even with fornication God would expect you to FORGIVE your spouse and not put them away, because whosoever marries her or him that is put away doth commit adultery. (1 cor. 7: 10, 11). That simply means that if you are divorce for fornication you can not remarry and if you do you are committing adultery and so is the person that you are marrying. Understanding that along will save some marriages. Therefore death of your spouse in the eyes of God is the only way out of a marriage that will allow one to remarry without committing adultery. If you can not for give your spouse for fornication and put them away how then can God forgive you for your sin? But if they continue to fornicate, there remains no more blood for the sacrifice.
    Irreconcilable Differences is a tool that Satan has given society or should I say no fault divorce. Neither is acceptable in the sight of God. I will repeat that, divorces based on irreconcilable differences are not acceptable in the sight of God. Just think of how many divorces are awarded for irreconcilable differences. The person filing for a divorce for that reason is in violation of the marriage vows. As I write this message I must admit I am guilty of that violation myself. It was done without knowledge, scripture says my people are destroyed because of the lack of knowledge. I had read the things that Paul had written in 1 Corinthians chapter 7, looking for scripture to back up my already made decision. You must be very careful here because this is the area that the Pharisees tempted Jesus at, but it was with the Law of Moses. This law gave a man the right to put away his wife with writing or a bill of divorcement. When Jesus answered the Pharisees on this matter, he acknowledged in Mat. (5:31- 32) and Mat. (19:8- 9) what Moses allowed then he said, BUT, that is when my spiritual antenna went straight up. I knew at that point in God’s eye sight there was never to be any divorces, and look at this world today and count the number of divorces and then the number of lives that have gone the wrong way.   I stated earlier in the message that this revelation or knowledge of marriage, if received will help save souls and marriages. Remember if you get divorce for fornication you can not remarry without committing adultery.
    Go back and read the scriptures on marriage, divorce, and adultery to note how Jesus answered the Pharisees about a man or woman putting away their spouses. Why was John the Baptist’s head cut off? Was it for preaching and making away straight for Jesus, no it was because he had opened a can of worms that the Devil did not want opened. John was beheaded because he told Herod that it was not lawful for him to have married his Brother Philip’s wife, Herodias.( Mark 6:14 – 29). King Herod, feared John because he knew, he was a just and holy man, Herod also listen to what John had to say. Herodias resented John for saying this and wanted to kill him because she knew the Leviticus Law (18:16) which forbade a person to uncover the nakedness of his brother’s wife. Mark (6; 20), states that King Herod observed John, and when he heard him he did many things, and heard him gladly. Herodias must have feared that John would open Herod’s understanding about their marriage and see that their marriage was unlawful and get out of it. Jesus answer to the Pharisees about it being lawful for a man or woman to put away their spouses is best answered in Mathew 19:4-9 and Mark 10:2-12. Read it for yourself, you might even see more than God showed me.
   Bottom line or in closing if the Pastor’s eyes are completely opened and the proper counseling is given even before planning the wedding marriages will be better planned because it will be for life, not just for sex or money. If the bride’s and groom’s understanding is fruitful and that this is for life, with death being the only way out in the sight of God, some marriages would not even take place. We must believe the fact that you can not divorce and simply turn around and remarry with out committing adultery.
    Irreconcilable difference is not an acceptable reason to divorce in God’s eye sight. Having this knowledge going into a marriage will eliminate a lot of small disagreement leading to divorces. We must understand there is no way out of a marriage other than death of a spouse. Nothing else, no other excuses, not even a heart that has hardened will allow you to remarry, without committing adultery. True facts combined with God’s eye sight, makes you think and act different when a martial problem springs up.
     Stop and think for a minute of all the things John the Baptist could have died for why was this principle about marriage so important for John to be beheaded? A lot of divorces would not accrue if it was not for the divorce attorney; it is not in their interest to save the marriage. The key to a sound society is the marriage; it is very hard for a single parent to raise 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 children. Satan knows how important marriage vows are and King Herod may have divorced Herodias based on the truth John was preaching about their unlawful marriage. If this message is true, think how many unlawful marriages exist today. Then add that to marriages of males to males and females to females. In God eye sight the core of the Christian Society is the institution of marriage.
 Jesus answered the scribes and Pharisees this way when asked about is it lawful for a man to put away his wife.
Mat 19: 4-6
    This is the way God meant for it to be. I feel that we will have to give into account for those whom we have divorced. I really feel that we should fear the fact that living in an adulterous marriage is no different from the marriage of Herod and Herodias Philip’s wife whom had John the Baptist head removed for exposing the truth about their unlawful adulterous marriage. If you are reading this and you are with your original spouse rejoice and let them read this message because whether you have been married for one day or 60 years you are one the right track in the sight of God. Take heed those of you planning your 2nd, 3rd, 4th even 5th marriage you are getting further and further off the track if you marry one who has been put away for fornication you commit adultery if you marry them so make sure you check their marital history, as well as your own.
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