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 Vyron Lionell Brown International Ministry

    Welcome to the home page of Vyron Lionell Brown, this web page has been design to be user friendly. Several business are shown on this site. Simple click on the above topics that you are seeking information about. The symbols or pictures to the left will best illustrate each business. Placing the ministry of the word of God first not only in this website but in my personal life as well, I have learned that's the very best thing in this world to do. I have experienced times in my life when I placed God's business first, such as praying for hours starting very early in the morning. I would get to my office about noon time to eat lunch. With in two hours my work was complete, simple because I obeyed the scripture, " seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and it's righteousness and all these things will be added unto you. " During the time that I was praying in the morning it gave the Angles of God time to handle my little business. It never failed, all possible problems had been handled, from the spiritual ream, either by a person or business giving me favor or the lord touching my mind to make the right decision or make the right bid, then sometimes just picking up a check early. Therefore the first symbol is the balanced scale to show that God is more than just in performing his word. The first page of this website is Vyron Lionell Brown International Ministry. The purpose of this site is to witness to the world especially those that are preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations as commanded in ST. LUKE 24:47