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Family Prayer

This is Vyron L. Brown a servant for life through out eternity of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Today is Father's Day 2023 it is a honor for me to use modern communication technology to reach the entire world as promised by Jesus in John 14;12 that his disciples ( followers, believers ) would do greater works than he. Remember how he preached from the shores of the Sea Galilee with only the power of his voice, him knowing this day was coming with us being able to reach the world in seconds. Happy Father's Day to the men that's really standing ground raising ( physically hands on ) their children and properly taking care of the children's mother married or not, also this Father's Day we pray a special prayer for those single women who is both mother and father plus the grand parents who are putting in overtime and the great grand parents who has done overtime then had to sign up for another tour, we pray a special prayer for strength and for you to know that God will answer your prayers for strength and finances ,just pray according to his words and the Angels from heaven will preform his word and his word shall not return unto him void. God instructed us to keep him in remembrance of his word. Isaiah 43:26. Last week we touched on Luke 11:1-4 Jesus Disciples asked him to teach them how to pray as did John The Baptist taught his disciples. Jesus gave them the model prayer..Our Father who art in Heaven..................; NOW ;You can find book : Prayers That Avail of Much In the book store or online several series of books to aid you with prayers that are written from the word of God, by numberous authors many are well known Pastors or Evangelist. These books are great to start with. I am Speaking to the fathers or leaders of the house in order too develop any type of prayer life to lead you children you must start setting time each day for you to pray, and study also for the family to come together to pray. You have to begin to have Bible Study discussing the full meaning of the scriptures in the prayers, knowing who is praying ,knowing about that person who is praying, knowing the purpose of the prayer, knowing exactly what is being prayed for, all which are very, very important. You should also invest in a good Bible Concordance with a bible dictionary, which has every word written in the Bible with the verse and chapter it is located. These two will help you study. You will be surprisingly blessed with the questions asked by your children, and how fruitful their understanding is, it is a proven fact that a child can learn a new language much quicker than an adult. Some of their questions will cause you to have to study, which is good, Have a planned prayer or lesson chosen, so you can study before hand. There will be times when you are looking for one thing and discover two or three other hidden truths. This will be a perfect place and time for the Holy Ghost to fall Matthew 18:20 says For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them. Then is the time to pray when you feel God's glory all about you, it can really be a beautiful, blessed, anointed, meeting. Today is Father's Day this is a perfect time to gather the family and be as David was a man after Gods own heart just read and study is famous prayer 23rd Psalm.....The Lord is my Shepherd................................; We have to get started. Deuteronomy 32:30 says one prayer has the power to defeat 1000 demons but two prayer warriors touching or agreeing can put to flight $10,000, what am I saying a husband and wife is the perfect prayer team ( we all need a Prayer partner ) example if Satan has 6,000 demons assigned against your finances you lack the power to break through by yourself, but if you and your prayer partner touch and agree about that force that is holding up your money you get a break through with 4,000 power volts to spare, that is why husband and wife got prayer power and don't realize it. vyronlbrownministry.com