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Terry Evans thanks for the love and remembrance of my truly, and greatly loved baby brother, I know you share the feeling. I am like Rambo their are all gone sir. You can count the number left from the old neighborhood, not many. But we have bigger fish to fry. my brother. the babies that got shot point blank with 2" bullets not once but some twice. They called 911 as they were taught, but the police was all ready there hiding out. What if the teacher had them all pray to their God as did the crew that through Jonah over board. My point brother is we need to fight where we can, and do what we can do to get pray back in school ?. nobody mentioned pray. It really would have been hard to shot a child that was on their knees praying ,they done what they had been taught, we all know where the devil is hiding, inside our law makers right in the white house we call them congress, and their leaders. amen.