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Soul Winning
Scott's Family Reunion
This is the second of 2 messages I received after being requested to do the prayer at the reunion. the Lord gave me two which both have changed and elevated my life, although I didn't make the reunion upon. While studying and praying in preparation the Lord gave me these two life changing messages and I am compelled to share them to even a larger audience Facebook and they will be in my up and coming book, Getting Prayer Back into School. The first message was entitled," Reset ", about binding negative words which Satan uses as strongholds against us blocking Gods angels from answering our prayers. You should find it and read it for yourself, it will be a blessing and really set you free from a life full of words that have held you hostage. The torch has been lite and placed in Bro Scott's hand. This second message is about winning souls and it has caused me to change my profession to, A Soul Winner. It is a life time job which pay very well on earth and in heaven. Remember only what you do for christ will be on your heavenly resume at the great judgement were crowns of life and other awards will be given. On that day you will not be able to come back to earth, so it is wise to do it now after you receive this message you will understand why I changed my profession. ok lets go what is the salary of a Cardiologist ( heart doctor ) up to $200.00 an hour x 3000 hr a year = $600,000 working 8 hours every day. The average open heart surgery could cost $350,000 that's for every thing, hospital, room and board, nurse care, doctor, food ,professional rehab, somebody walking your dog etc. Now how much for a new heart installed coming from another hospital adding that cost you are close to $500,000 plus. But you got yourself a brand new heart with a 70 year warranty. Here is the question, HOW MUCH TO GET YOUR SOUL SAVED?, think on that, make some calls, check the prices or keep reading this great message from heaven. The cost to get your soul saved is priceless, and you have nobody to call so keep reading. Now maybe you can see why Jesus had to drink that bitter cup and be crucified. Question, how do I get my soul saved, and by who? Go to church, repent, when the pastor open the doors of the church go take the seat, give your life to Christ, get baptized, go to work in the church, pay your tithes, get a mate, have a family and begin to win souls yourself. The reason I changed my profession is simple, now I make more than the heart doctor on earth, plus when the heart doctor get to heaven he will be sad and disappointed to find out the heart transplants don't count it's all vanity the only things that will be on his resume is the work that he done for Christ. Proverbs11:30 "The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, and he who wins souls is wise " also Daniel 12:3 and they that be wise shall shine as brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever.