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Thinking Outside the Box
Why do the Republican Party continue to spread the virus? Are they blindly following their leader to death same as Jim Jones? Only God knows. So why is their leader spreading this virus, do he have the cure? Do, he plan to market and sell this cure? Chris Rock said, about the aids cure, that it was all about the comeback. If this is true, then this world especial America is being set up for the kill. Or it could be a form of God’s rapture, or a biblical plague from sin.
My point, as well as a spiritual warning, whether not we win the election or not don’t fall into the devil’s trap thinking that the war is over, when it is really just beginning. Don’t relax and drop your guards but play defense like never before against this virus until a proven legal free shot is developed by our government. Don’t start grouping up partying, continue to kept your distance, washing hands like never before, avoid making new friends, stay on point, stay alert, guard you front and back door, keep up with your, children, family, and stay prayerful….Hunk if you hear me. Let the church say amend. Make sure you vote if disable take your proof and go straight to the front of the line.
Vyronbrownministry.com written and posted 11-4-2020