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Map Quest


The Map Quest
   This international Ministry will be entitled Map Quest. There will be a monthly letter posted on the web site under monthly message. These letters will be inspired by the Holy Spirit to reiterate the intention as will as the mind of God. These letters will be designed for the Pastors, Teachers, and all those that are in front of the flock of God. Remember how Jesus pardoned Peter for his denial of even knowing him, with Peter’s promise to feed his sheep. No, I’m no better, but simply chosen by the original eternal Potter, Jehovah, to receive from him and pass that which I receive on to the world. God explained to Jeremiah the prophet who he sent to sinful Israel with a message that was hard for them to receive. Jeremiah was the son of a priest that was over the tribe of Benjamin. He sent Jeremiah down to the potter’s house to get a front row seat of a potter at work. To show him the power he had over the House of Israel. To assure him too have full confidence when he went before the House of Israel. Because he, God, the master potter of all things be it in Heaven are on Earth, even beneath earth, can and shall make and shape us into what pleases him. That he could mar the House of Israel in his hand and make them again a new vessel free of evil.
    These letters will not be my opinion or thought but revealed messages from God with a spiritual light shone on them. Yes, messages to reiterate his original intentions that we have drifted away from with an explanation that is not pleasing to God. Remember God’s word can not return to him void (assignment not achieved). When the Pastors or leaders in this world of God’s flock, sit still, keep silent while allowing darkness and evil acts to form and grow in our presence, in our homes, churches, schools and governments, then it is time for a light to be shown on that darkness. The cancer has to be stop by removal, cut out. When society allows two people of the same sex to marry, when Priest are allowed to feast on young boys, when government jail parents for not sparing the rod on unruly children, when abortions are allowed to be simply solutions to cover sin or when a untimely or unwanted child is conceived, when divorce is the solution to a irreconcilable disagreement, I ask you has God extracted the salt from the earth without warning?  No, we have fallen asleep on the watch same as the Peter, James and John, the two sons of Zebedee, did during the most crucial time of his earthly existence. There in the garden of Gethsemane where he prayed until drops of blood form, asking the Father to allow him to past the cup of our sin that was before him. Finding his three disciples sleep three times, the second time he asked them to watch and pray, lest you enter into temptation, the third time he told the to sleep on, for his hour had come. Are we all sleep, while playing Church? Are we so far off the track that we are num too what is going on around us, or maybe just sleep, same as the three, Peter, James and John, who were the closes to Jesus.
     We all must understand in order for our soul to prosper on our journey to Heaven’s Eternal Life with Christ we need to get on the straight and narrow pathway which I refer to as The Map Quest. We have the right instruction to follow as well as the example Jesus gave us, but we as well as our leaders are not following the directions of the instructions carefully enough, making wrong turns based on weakening ways of society such as abortion, divorce, men living as women, women living as men, with both holding high offices in the church some even Pastors. Society, Israel, the Church, the disciples, me, you are all sleep allowing and accepted society changing rules and laws, contradicting the true word of God.
    To get on the right path, one must first know that they are lost. Many are lost, without knowledge, the blind leading the blind and all fall in the ditch. Understand once you find out or realize you are lost, then you can seek divine directions. After getting divine direction, you then can see exactly where you are and how far off track you are, even where you got off track. You might have to go back to the old land mark where you first meet the Lord, or back to the Potter’s house and be put back on the wheel and be shaped and formed again. Getting the true full zeal of God back into your veins.
     As you correct your path, then you can see that the word of God is pure, and society’s weaknesses have caused you to misunderstand and get off track. These monthly messages will help you get back on the straight and narrow so you can help lead others even as your soul prospers. Amen.