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part two


Part two
It is important that you have read part one of this letter, “The Book of Life”
   But let us talk about life as we see it. We have both a physical birthday and a physical death day earthly speaking. This is not our choice. Questions, is it the starting and ending point of the big game of life? If life is a game what are the rules? How do we win? How do we score points? Who is our opponent? What do we know about our opponent? Answers, Okay, the Game is Life  and you woke up in it…you had no choice! The objective is to die saved or as a saint by getting your name in the book of life: The opponent is Satan the one who talked Eve into eating the fruit causing man to fall in the garden, and Adam, losing all God had given him but the woman. The opponent is Satan, the one who challenged God for the soul of Job. The opponent is Satan, the one who deceived 1/3 of the angles of God and caused them to fall and inherit hell as a eternal home. The opponent is Satan, the one who is working hard through your flesh to steal your soul. That’s why the game is so important, and that you know what is going on. You score by doing works, remember Abraham offering Isaac by faith, and Rehad receiving the messenger of God and saving their lives and hers by faith, and Job who held on to his integrity by faith and his morals, above all remember he who win souls is wise ( possible bonus ). Satan wants you to worship him and the fleshly desires of this world that opposes God’s Law.
     The Rule Book is Our Holy Bible which God has written in our minds and hearts. Who are your coach and trainer? Your Pastor or spiritual teacher. Who is your example? Micheal Jordan no, Mohammad Ali no, George Washington no, President Obama no, who then should I pattern my game play by, your example is Jesus Christ remember what the Apostle Paul wrote, Christ rising from the dead became the first fruit of them who sleep. “For since by man came death, by man came also the resurrection of the dead”. “For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive”. 1 Corinthians 15:20-22,
     Look back at your life and see who won the 1, 2, or 3 quarters? You be the judge. Remember the thief on the cross, he had one minute left in the fourth quarter and made it to paradise. Simply by accepted Christ openly and the thief made it into paradise What happens if you lose? Revelation 20:10 reads “And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever”. Revelation 20:11 – 15 talk about the great white throne; all will stand before God; the Book of Life will be opened; all will be judged according to their works. Death and hell will be cast into the lake of fire and all those names that’s not listed in the Book of Life. It is important that you believe there is a Book of Life.If you don’t believe that one point, your name likely will not be in it. If you believe Christ Jesus is the Son of God and don’t believe there is a Book of Life, then it’s like playing a super bowl in football and there be winner.
    What do you feel?, possibly nothing, without knowledge of the game of which I’m making you aware of in this letter. Some days you may feel great, some sad. On Sunday you go to church, you feel lifted high and that’s because the spirit man is being fed through praising , worship and the preaching of the word of God. The part of you, which existed before your birth and that, will exist after your death is being feed. This letter is to alert the physical man that the clock is running; see what quarter you are in and see how you are scoring. What quarter you are in can be determine by your age, if our heavenly Father has given man 3 score and ten, 70 years divided by four is 17 1/2 years per quarter. That being said, at 17 ½ or age 18 is the end of this first quarter, age 35 is the end of 2nd quarter and ½ time, if you are losing then major adjustments should be made at least a clear understanding of the game that you are in.. At age 52 1/2 or 53 is the end of the third quarter. Finally from age 53 to 70 is the final quarter. At age 70 you go into over time the game then is more in your favor, all you need is a field goal in football, or one free throw in basketball, or one run if in baseball, but keep in mind that you can still lose in over time. So be careful remember the lesson you have learned in life’s game and continue to score with works, especially soul winning. If your spouse has past on before you and you remarry make sure that person is free to marry, in the sight of God not man, be very careful. ...read my letter “Marriage in the Sight of God”
     How to win? obeying your parents, respecting your elders, understanding and respecting your marriage, raise and provide for your children, paying your debts, forgiveness of trespasses, having accurate prayer life, paying tithes, feeding the poor, helping a brother when he is down or disable especially a veteran of war., as did the Good Samaritan, keeping your word, loving you neighbor and most of all winning souls for Christ. Preaching and teaching to help spread the gospel of Christ.
     What will cause me to lose in this game? Continuing to Living in Sin with or without knowledge, accepting the morals of this new society, same sex marriages, and all in between if you are in a relationship like that, I really don’t think your name will be written in the Book of Life if you continue. Don’t be mislead and not know all the rules of the game of life. It’s very important to have eyesight from both physical and spiritual points of view, if you see a student shot down by their roommate for little or no reason you must see beyond his physical body and understand the enemy (Satan ) has taken over his mind, as  he did Job’s wife when she told him to curse God and die, Job called her a foolish women, Job 2:10. The roommate is possesses with a demonic spirit. Part of Jesus work was casting out demonic spirits when he was here on earth. He also gave that power to his disciples. When you see a pastor like Benny Hinn laid hands on a person and that person get helped/ stands up out of a wheel chair and walk can you see beyond Benny Hinn or see and feel the power of God. That’s what Jesus came to demonstrate the power of God. You can not see the Holy Ghost nor can you see the wind but you can see and feel the effects of them. What is right? Who make the rules? Who enforces the rules? The right thing to do is to stay on the straight and narrow path to heaven (read my letter “Map Quest “ ) and along the way win souls and make sure your name is written in the Lambs Book of Life.
    What should I do?…..find out more about the game of life, study, about national events, grown in faith and gain understanding, knowledge of the word of God, treat your neighbor as yourself, owe no man, love your wife, wives submit to your husband (read this letter), pay tithes, raise your children, see to your parents, guard your tongue; if you are male be a man; if your are female be a woman. Because your mind can become possessed and confused, your physical body tells the true story whether male or female and your life should change for the better after reading this letter. Pass it on to a friend or better yet an enemy.
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