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Praying at Bus Stop

It will take prayer to get prayer back into school, The Supreme Court with a 6-3 vote allowed football Coach Kennedy the right to pray on the football field but not in the class room where the shootings takes place. Ok now let us pray, prayer to the inside of the school bus, while parents began to pray with their children, on the way to school in the car, teaching the children how and when to pray to get that shield that only God can give. Read Jonah 1-1:7 how the crew was saved after Jonah was cast over board after everyone was allowed to pray to their God. Jonah was on the run disobeying God. If we can get the children all praying on the way to school there is no doubt my God will reopen the school door for it is his desire and will to protect our children. Remember how Joshua took down the wall of the might city of Jericho read ,Joshua 6-1:27 the combination was march around the city walls once a day for six days, then on the seventh day seven times and then blow their trumpets, that Great Wall fell. My point the parents have control of this and it will be done because it is Gods will. amen go to work and quit talking. vyronbrownministry.com