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Scott's Family Reunion
My Brother in Law asked me to come and do the prayer for the family, I accepted, and assured him I would be ready. So I took time studied and prayed to the Lord for a word. He blessed with not one but two and both has changed and elevated my life. I didn't make the reunion but got these two great life changing messages I get to deliver on an even larger platform. With Bro. Law being the main messenger. Here we go :the title is simple ,"Reset ", The Lord has shown me how to reset my life. The button works just like the tv,internet or any other device with a reset button. Meaning something has got out of order and needs to be corrected to get this ship of life back on course. With a reset button you simply push and wait, then restart. A brick wall is nothing with out the mortar between each brick which makes the bricks be a wall because they become one. The words that God speak are spirit filled and are alive and full of faith and has a great amount of power even spoken by man. Point is our lives are really controlled by the words we speak along with those spoken by others especially if they are faith filled. Now here is the problem, we have spoken and especially others a lot of negative, hate filled woods about ourselves, and others, we left those words out there in the hands of Satin. Those words are the opposite of Gods words therefore they are negative which carries a negative charge. That is the mortar that has you bound you are in the hands of Satan. Your reset button is what is written, You have the power and authority to loss and bind, your prayer should be to bind all the negative hate filled words that you ever spoken against anyone for any reason including yourself. Pray this prayer, Lord I bind every negate hate fill word that I have ever spoken about myself or anyone else, Lord I bind all the negative words that has ever been spoken against me and my family. Lord I remove these words from the hands of Satan. I command It be done in the name of Jesus according to your word, I command Satan to release his hold. amen :You now know and understand that the mortar has been remove from the wall that's been blocking your healing, prayers from being answered, finances, good night rest etc. that stronghold against me. THE MORTAR THAT WAS HOLDING THE WALL TOGETHER WERE THE NEGATIVE WORDS. All of that has been removed the wall is down. wait a moment then RESTART ...........You should feel a little lighter, refreshed, free, more love in your heart, can look everybody in their eyes because those words are gone ( you are no longer a slave to those words that Satan had you bind with ) before when God send out his angel to heal or deliver or answer your prayers, they could not because the demons assigned against you had those words, some that you said in faith, along with your enemy words. But with that simple prayer those words have been bind and taken from the hands of Satan, the wall is down. So relax rejoice you have been reset begin to live life keeping all negative hate filled words bonded out of your life and home in the name of Jesus. The good about it all is now you have the knowledge to help someone else knock down their wall, God willing. message two will be about winning souls. vyronbrownministry.com