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Who Dat
Talking about beating themSaints


Who Dat
Talking about beating them Saints?
   Monday even it’s raining just talk to my baby son Scott, he call and asked me who dat, that’s the same thing I call and asked my grand son Shun last night, who dat? People have been asking that question for 44 years But now we all know the answer. IT AIN’T NOBODY TALKING ABOUT BEATING THE SAINTS. The saints just beat three of the greatest quarterbacks of the 2000s. Payton Manning of the Indiana Colts 2010 mvp 31-17 super bowl, Bret Farr Minnesota Vikings by way of Greenbay 2010 mvp run up, 31-28 saints win in overtime NFC championship, and Kurt Warner of the Arizona Cardinals 45-14 playoff game, back to back to back. This letter is written to show how God and his word fits in to this event that to man what was impossible, unthinkable, even hard to dream about but yet has happen before the largest group of television viewers ever in the history of the world. It’s amazing how every body said before the game that Payton Manning and the colts was picked and favorite to win and would probably win but their hearts were with the Saints. Could it be that the heart of man willed this event to happen? Drew Brees said on Opara to the world these words. He and the team knew that America was on the Saints’ side in the game. "I feel like the energy of the country was with us," he said. "Regardless of whether you were a Saints fan before that, I think everyone was able to relate with everything that our city has been through over the last four years and what our team means to the city and what a win would do for them. I am so glad we were able to give them that championship, because they deserve it." Is the Saints quarterback, Drew Brees as good as Manning, Farr, and Warner, or is he better? Actually the Minnesota Vikings with Farr, Indiana Colts with Payton Manning, and the New Orleans Saints with Drew Brees are all about the same with equal talent, so why the saints? So why the New Orleans Saint get to be the Super Bowl 2010 Champions? Why not the most expense team in football who came to the doom and broke the Saint undefeated record? I guess because it’s two thinks money can not buy and that’s love and a super bowl, because if money could, Jerry Jones the owner of the great 1.7 billion dollars Dallas Cowboys would purchase it; same as he built a 1.2 billion stadium for his cowboys. The Saints are valued at about only $942 million with the super doom costing $134 million. The difference in value is $778 million, and a difference of $1.066 billion in stadium value. Its like David up against Goliath, believe it or not all professional football teams are not at all equal in value, the Dallas Cowboys value has a  ratio of 1.8:1 about twice the value of the Saints and the stadium cost ratio is 8.9:1about 10 times that of the Saints. You see the saints are made up of rejects, cast always players the big money teams walked and looked over them. Same as the lower 9th ward of New Orleans that was flooded possible to save the city, it was low land already under sea level inhabited by small but still tax paying Americans citizens that no one with money cared about, like the country of Hattie’s. God has his way of getting mans attentions and making all playing fields level and equal so the little man can one day have his day, have his way, can be on top, and not the bottom all the time, so he can place his feet on the devils neck where it belongs, when the peasant can come and eat at the Kings table, have a ring placed on his or her fingered. I wonder if all the movie stars, singers celebrities, presidents and countries that’s running to Hattie’s now will they stay? After the cameras and the spot lights have gone, I wonder before the earthquakes happened where were they then? Was not that country already severely poor? All though many died but many more lives will be save and upgraded and possibly set a greater stand of living. Man may question God, and ask why has this happen? Man! who is man that God should be mindful of him. Man like Job, found out he has no right, I mean no right to question God.
     Let’s show the hand of God in this picture, if you listen at Drew Breze he is testifying in your face by saying he was there in New Orleans by faith, it was destine for him to be there and lead the city to their first impossible victory as the world football champions against financial giants of professional football. The Saints had to take the leftovers for players and build a winner which without Gods hand is impossible. Yes they got 25 Reggie Bush but that was because the Saints had the worst record in football. He was supposed to have been their savior. What the world don’t know about Drew Breze is that he too was a reject, cast away, damage goods, thrown away for good as Paul in Acts 14;19 when he was stoned and drew out the city supposing to have been dead but he rose and went on to write ¾ of the new testaments. Drew Breze while playing with San Diego Chargers throwing arm was so severely damage the average player career would have been completely finished. The doctor said is shoulder was pulled out of the joint and that the joint or socket had been knocked in and rotated 360% which was unusually bad on top of bad. He moved to Birmingham where his shoulder was operated on by 4 doctors for 5 days. This is on his throwing shoulder, his doctor is the same doctor that operated on Bert Farr’s shoulder. That opens my spiritual eyes and I can see the Lord telling Jeremiah to go down to the potters not to be worked on but to see the power he had over his people Israel. Jeremiah saw and then understood the power of the potter with the clay. Drew Breze was the same as clay in the hand of God, he was mired in the hand of his doctor that shoulder and its joint was shaped and formed again even better than before. But after 4 months of rehab very intense no team wanted him but two Saints and Miami. It is strange God would allow him to win the super bowl for the Saint in Miami. The Saints coach has a fearless heart; the scripture says that God did not give you the spirit of fear.  The Saints coach get a lot of credit in my book, for taking high risk plays that showed faith and courage, even hiring a player nobody in the league wanted because he was damages goods until the Lord allowed him to go down to the potters house when his should was reformed. DREW BREZE CONTINUE TO TELLING THE WORLD WHAT God has and still is doing for him, his family, the Saints and whole city of New Orleans and even the state of Louisiana. Drew knows for a great fact that the hand of God had a great deal to do with the Saints victory.
       All that the city of New Orleans has gone through they held on to their Saints, the first year after Katrina they were in the NFC championship game. But time God reached down into the bottom of the barrel and remember the Saints and his word that all men are created equally and that you would reap in due season if you faint not, that you could have want you, you have not because you ask not and when you ask you ask amiss. The odds of the poor Saints winning the largest game in the world are a lot greater than you think. Compare to what they had to work with, like building bricks without straw as the Jews were forced to do. It can be placed on the level of David killing Goliaths.
    As I conclude this letter of spiritual awaking, I will admit in my heart I felt the Saints would win so much so I bet Mcgee $100.00 and tried to get $5.00 a point because I felt it would be by two touch downs especially if Drew got hot in which he did. There was no way the Saints would lose, it would have been like Goliaths defeating David, or Moses not able to part the red sea, or the walls of Jericho not falling, or Jeremiah not able to rebuild the wall at Jerusalem, or Paul not getting up after being stoned to death and even Lazarus not getting up when Jesus called his name. You see when looking at things from a spiritual point of view and you can see the hand of God in some earthly event you can rest assure that what ever he start he is just and powerful enough to finish for his word can not return unto him void or with out completion. The final factor was that Payton Manning and the Colts were playing with a broken heart, on top of that Payton’s heart was not only broke but split. Growing up in New Orleans and watching his father who was the saints first savior run for his life every Sunday did not want to be the one to blow the levy and flood the 9th wards all over again. Management had broken Payton’s and the teams heart by being to smart, not allowing them to go undefeated which right now would look pretty good, and be as big or really bigger then the Saints winning the Super Bowl because the odds against a team going undefeated 18-0 would be greater, and a team going 18-0 would be unreachable that team would be a class of it’s own because it would be only one; then add a BLACK HEAD COACH first year at that…is that the real reason the Colts did not want to go undefeated. Remember the great Dallas Cowboys whom my sister who used to work for Mrs. Emma and my friend PJ really care for, the cowboys that stop the Saints, 2010 Super Bowl Champions from going undefeated. God is a just God he had the undefeated 18-0 season for the Payton Manning of the Indiana Colts and still the super bowl for Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints.
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