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Children Praying

This is Vyron L. Brown servant of Jesus Christ ( willingly self-committed to permanent service of the Lord ) as Paul. This is my 4th short letter concerning getting prayer back in school by teaching our children to pray at home and even on the way to school on the school bus or riding with their parents. Point is if prayer is in them it will defInitely be back in the school. These writings are for the children but to the parents which are the head of the household. Not to rule out that an older child my be the one that is seeing the smaller younger children to school. However we have to start somewhere the Lord has placed in my heart to inspire you the parents to begin a systematic routine in teaching your child to develop a prayer life. The parents first must face the mirror with this simple question, do I have a prayer life, further do I really understand or know how to pray, even further do I understand exactly what pray is and what it can do ,what it was designed to do and who was the original teacher. When was the first prayer prayed and for what purpose. Is it an art to prayer, are some prayers more effected than others, why are some prayers not answered ,how are Gods Angles involved in our prays, why did God instruct us in Isaiah 43;26 to put him in remembrance ( remind me ) of his word, can Gods word return unto him void ? ( no ) that is why we are to structure our prays around the scripture ( the word of God which you will find full of promises that we need ,also it is the Angles of God that make sure his word does not return unto him void ). Please understand when prayer was taken out of school Gods protecting Angles were handcuffed, how, no prayer for protection ,understand they were not at school because our supreme court working with Satan had put them out of public school but the private schools were still under Gods protection because they understand the power of prayer. Our children are not protected in public school how sad. We are no better than the police at the school doing nothing. I hope I am getting through to you parents it is your job to shield and protect your child your prayers and even better teaching them how to pray the right way using the word of God. You need to go to work because the devil is busy. vyronbrownministry.com