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Students Praying

Hi, this is Vyron L. Brown a servant of Jesus Christ inspired to get prayer back in school has been shown that the key is to get the pray inside the children and that has to be done by the parents, grandparents, or guardians. Saying that means the parents and grandparents needs to take Prayer 101 to teach the child and 102 for themselves. I am not trying to be rude but it really is time out for playing because Satan has taken off the gloves with some high-up politicians ( the gun people ) both teamed up with guns every where. Truthful how much time do you spend talking to or teaching your child to pray, even more how much time you spend actually praying with your child or grand child.. Further when is the last time you prayed with your child or grandchild. If we only knew 25% of what pray is and the power of it, it would not only change and shape the destiny of your child's life but yours as well. Proverbs 22;6 "Train children in the way they should go; when they grow, they would not depart from it." We have some children are blessed and are beening taught at school to pray and about the power of God , that's wonderful also God's will, but mostly in a private, or church school ( I know that cost money ). If you can afford to upgrade your child or grand child's education for that reason it would be sense less not to. You can only control what is going on inside you home, if you don't have a routine daily prayer life, get started, preferably 6 am if nothing other than the Lord's Prayer Matthew 6;9-13