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O...My Love
O...My Love


                                                            O..my love
 I hear, soft, soft steps coming toward my bedroom
 but who can it be at this time of night,
 for all is sleep… but for the door to open with a key it could only be he
 O.. my love, I pause for a moment of thought,
 to think if the kitchens clean and ready for his visit,
 for I know the silent rule, it must stay open at all times,
 O..my love come into me
 yet I will pretend to be a sleep,
 less the pounding of my heart shall portray me
 yes I am so excited,
 not knowing were the first kiss will be, yet wet and warm
 tonight I along know where my greatest passion desire is
 I am moist now for my love gates have open without touch
 just thought of what will be
 O..my love,...O..my love, though I try to be silent,
sounds of passion and joy are released from my tender lips
throughout the night with out control
O..my love…O..my love
Sigo vyron l. brown
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