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King Nebuchadnezzar

This is Vyron L. Brown a servant for life through out eternity of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.This is possibly the final letter in the book, with possibly a recap closing letter looking back at all that has been covered. Our goal of this book was simple and that was to start training our children to pray and that in it self would get prayer back into school because it would be in them, no government straight or one lead by wicked politicians, nor blind Supreme Court Justices can stop that. It is very important for the parents to understand to accomplish that goal they must rise up and learn to pray in order to teach the children. Learning how important praying the word of God is, and how much the angels of God depends on his word filled with your faith in what we ask for in pray using the written word of God. If we get this right the mass shooting and killing of our babies especially at school will decease. We have been enlightening your understanding of the presence, power, purpose and appearance of angels, in heaven and on earth. We spoke about the spiritual warfare of the Archangel Micheal against the fallen angel the Prince of Persia. We further spoke about the angel in the lions den that delivered Daniel. This lesson will be about another angel that looked like, the son of man, ( Jesus )? There is so much can be learned about God's angel. In the book of Daniel chapter 3:8-30 with special emphasis on 3:37 we find 3 Hebrews prayer warrior who refused to obey the king's (Nebuchadnezzar's ) order. The order was at the sound of the music everyone would fall down and worship the golden image that the king had set up, and those that refused would be thrown into the fiery furnace, that meant all people, nations, and languages. There were 3 Hebrew men Shadrock, Meshach, and Abendego who refused to worship the Kings golden image. Their lack of action was made known to the king and they were sentence to be thrown into the fiery furnace. Please read the scripture to understand that they had been promoted because of the gift that they had from God. This was made known to the King, which forced the kings hand. In verse 3:17-22 tales how the 3 Hebrews men told the king in his face that they would not bow down to the golden image, that caused the king to become full of fury and instructed the fire to be made 7 time hotter, and for the most mighty men of his army to throw them in bind fully dressed hats included. The flame was so hot the flame slew the mighty men that threw them in. Read verse 3:24,25 Nebuchadnezzar king said didn't we throw 3 bind men into the furnace,yes, then why do I see 4 men walking around inside unhurt with one looking like the Son of God. Please read 3:26-30 it will bless your soul. The king went to the furnace and asked the 3 hebrews to come forth, he saw the fire had no power on them; (STOP ); he said their God had sent an angel to deliver them; (STOP ); THE KING SAID THAT FOURTH PERSON IN THE FURANCE WAS A ANGEL AND HE LOOKED LIKE THE SON OF MAN ( JESUS ). Read St. Matthews 8:23-27 especially verse 27 when at sea in the boat Jesus spoke the words, "peace be still", to the wind, and sea, to clam the great storm. Also read St. Mark 4:37-41 especially verse 39. That angel looking like the Son of Man had power over the element of heat, and rebuked it, the same way he did at sea and clam the storm. After witnessing the power of God, the king made a decree that if any people, nation, or language spoke against the God of Shadrock, Meshach, and Abendego, that they shall be cut into pieces, and their houses shall be made a dunghill, because there is no other God that can deliver after these sort, and gave the 3 Hebrews another promotion ( made to prosper ). What more can I say you must take time to read, study and pray, all things are possible for them who believe. Quit hating and speaking negative words about others,,doing Satan's work, stay out of negative conversations, speak the words of God because the are spirit filled, life changing. Angels operate from the words of God they are here to help protect us, humans beings from Satan, the fallen angels and their demons. So be very careful of the words you speak the scripture says that there is life and death in the power of the tongue and that you can have what you say. Bind up all those negative words that has come out of your mouth from the day you were born, plus the negative words of the enemy that has been spoken against you by anyone for any reason taking them from the hands of Satan. Remember he who win souls is wise go and have that conversation with someone. vyronbrownministry.com